Krista Swanson

Name: Krista Swanson

Species: Human

Age: Mid 20s

Sex: Female

Favorable Settings: Science-Fiction, Science-Fiction Variant

Possible Roles: Due to the various themes and traits of this character, she would serve most easily as a :

  • Hero
  • Heroic Support
  • Villainous Support
  • NPC

(‘Hero’ and ‘Villain’ are used to describe morality– ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ respectively– instead of ‘Protagonist’ and ‘Antagonist’ since evil characters can be the focus of content too!)


Physical description: She’s approximately 5 ft 6 in/ ~1.68m, however she often wears high heels.  She has a feminine, almost girlish build.  Her hair was dark but she’s dyed it blonde and her eyes are blue.  She has ruddy skin which only causes her to look even more perpetually nervous.  This character is left-handed.

She dresses ‘casual professional’, in khaki shorts and a collared shirt under a box-cut suit jacket and high-heels.  She very rarely wears stockings or hose.  She frequently wears necklaces that feature multiple chains.  She also wears a fine chain belt and chain bracelets.


Personality: Classy, accurate, and industrious, this character is the picture of professionalism on the job– unless you happen to catch the rare occurrence of her spinning in her swivel chair.  Off the job, however, she reveals a different side, seeking out evening company without compunction whereas in the office she comes off very aloof and unsociable.  At heart, however, this character simply behaves the way she thinks everyone expects her to, which she privately acknowledges makes her something of a pathetic coward.


  • This character is very professional and accurate with her work.
  • This character cooperates easily with others.


  • This character is rather pathetic, easily folding to the whims of others.
  • This character lacks ambition, fears change, and will resist any changes to her status quo.


  • This character spends her evenings seeking the attentions of men to validate her self-esteem.



  • Family:
    • Both parents who are proud of her office position and pay less attention to other details.
    • An older sister who she is convinced is better at everything.
  • Friends/Allies:
    • There are many acquaintances but no close relationships.
  • Romantic:
    • This character has many beaus due to her evening activities.



  • This character is respected by her coworkers as a true professional.
    • Her workplace has access to advanced and alien science!


  • This character resists change out of fear.
  • This character has a strict work regiment enforced by a heartless boss.


Background:   An office worker in a building that researches and/or develops super advanced and alien technologies!  She works hard all day, despite attempted bullying by crooked contractors, a whip-cracking boss, as well as the temptations of her swivel-chair.  At night, however, she lets her hair down and goes looking for love– usually in all the wrong places.


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